UPDATED 2 February 1999

Wow! Look at all these web pages.

I am trying to put together a link page that will offer everyone something. If you have a Slash Fiction or Slash related page, send the details to me at belindat@ihug.co.nz. Just give me the Title of the site/page, URL and the fandom(s).

If any of these links don't work please tell me. Onto the the web sites.

All Fandoms American Gothic Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles A-Team Babylon 5 Batman Battlestar Galactica Biker Mice from Mars The Bill Blake's 7 Black Adder Crossover Dalziel and Pascoe Doc Savage Due South Dukes of Hazzard Evil Dead Fantasy Forever Knight Hercules/Xena Highlander: The Series Homicide: Life on the Streets Houston Knights Independance Day: The Movie Kindred: The Embraced Kung Fu: The Legend Continues La Femme Nikita Law and Order Manga Series Man from U.N.C.L.E MacGyver Murder One Once a Thief Original Fiction The Pretender Poltergeist: The Legacy Profilier Professionals PsiFactor: Chronicles of the Paranormal Quantum Leap Real Ghostbusters Robin of Sherwood SeaQuest The Sentinel Sharp Skinner - The Movie Sliders Space: Above and Beyond Star Trek: DS9 Star Trek: Voyager Stargate SG-1 Starsky and Hutch Star Wars SWAT Kats Twin Peaks Ultraviolet Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea War of the Worlds Wiseguy Xena/Hercules X-Files
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