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The Pretender

Welcome to the list of The Pretender stories. All stories that are listed here are rated from G to NC-17 and are Slash in nature. If you don't like such stories, or are under 18, then leave now! You have been warned.

The Burden of Secrets by Aimee
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Jim/Jarod. Sentinel/Pretender crossover. NC-17. 32.4 K
Jarod runs away from Miss Parker and into Jim. Events ensue.

Challenges by AmyB
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Highlander/The Pretender/Picket Fences, with a itty bitty bit of Due South, cross-over.
Richie/Jarod. NC-17. 70.8 K.
After Jarod learns he is Immortal, Richie goes with Jarod to help him with being Immortal.