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Law and Order

Welcome to the list of Law and Order stories. All stories that are listed here are rated from G to NC-17 and are Slash in nature. If you don't like such stories, or are under 18, then leave now! You have been warned.

New York Minute by Dorothy Marley
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Cross-over with The Professionals. B/D/Mike Logan. NC-17. 104 K.
On a trip to New York, Bodie and Doyle become involved in the troubles of a young Mike Logan.

Rebound by Dorothy Marley
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Cross-over with X-Files. Ben/Mulder. NC-17. 48 K.
While on the rebound, Ben Stone finds comfort in the arms of a tall dark FBI Profiler.

In a Heartbeat by Dorothy Marley
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Mike/Ben. PG-13. 10 K.

Recongnition by Jenny Ann
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Crossover with Homicide. Mike/Tim - from Homicide. NC-17.
Renee Shephard plays matchmaker for a certain pair of detectives: her friend Tim Bayliss and a visiting Detective from New York City.