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Slash List Archive!

Welcome! You have arrrived at the Archive for Slash Stories, Poetry, Zines, and Links. As you can see, this Archive is brand spanking new, and is in the process of being created by yours truely, Belynda!

This is a slash archive, ie. stories about m/m or f/f sexual relationships. If you are under 18 or this isn't your cup of tea, leave now! You have been warned. The purpose of this Archive, is to provide a site that houses more than one, two or even thirty fandoms (I hope). A site so full of slash fan ficiton that you wont want to leave!

To do this, I need stories! After all, what is a Archive if there is nothing in it? To submit a story or a direct link to your own page, just e-mail Belynda. Put the story in to the body of the message, making sure that you cleary state that you want it archived. Also the Fandom ie. TV Series upon which it is based and the pairing. If the story is m/m or f/f or both, and the rating - G to NC-17. If you want your e-mail address to be shown, and most important of all, THE TITLE!

This Archive will be updated daily, so remember to bookmark this site and come back soon.



Hercules and Xena
The Pretender
The Sentinel
Star Trek Voyager

The Links needed a page of their own as there was that many! The Sentinel, Star Trek Voyager, DS9, Hercules and Xena, X-Files, Highlander, Due South, Forever Night, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Babylon 5, Once a Thief. Go and check it out!

List of Links

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